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Capezio Rehearsal Ribbon & Elastic Pack Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Stretch Ribbon Capezio Jelly Tips
Pre-packaged 7/8" wide, single-faced satin ribbon and elastic cut to the length needed for a pair of pointe shoes.

Two yards of 7/8" rehearsal ribbon and 18" of 3/4" elastic per set.
88 inches (224 cm) of 7/8” (2.2 cm) wide pointe shoe stretch ribbon

Amount is ample for a pair of pointe shoes; cut to desired length

Designed for flexibility & security

European Pink
Improved Seamless Knit for less bulk and no irritating seam

Elasticized fabric tubes knitted to create seamless toe socks

Especially effective when the second toe is shorter than the big toe

Great for broken or ingrown toenails

Cut to size needed to cover the tip of the toe without compromising circulation

2 per package
Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit
Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit comes with everything dancers need to attach the NEW STRETCH RIBBON to a shoe

2½ yards (229 cm) of 7/8” (2.2 cm) wide pointe shoe stretch ribbon

20” (51 cm) of ¾” (1.9 cm) heel elastic

European Pink ribbon, elastic and thread and 2 needles
Spool of extra strong thread

Safety pins

Stitch ripper for fast stitch removal