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Capezio Hair Nets Capezio Hair Nets

Invisible hair nets

3 per package

Price: $3.00
Capezio Bun Builderâ„¢ Jr. Capezio Bun Builder™ Jr.

Build perfectly neat bun

Polyester donut

Pull hair into ponytail with elastic band

Pull ponytail through the center of the builder and slide to the base of the ponytail

Arrange hair around the builder and fasten with hair pins

1 per package

Price: $4.00
Eurotard Hand Crocheted Buncover Eurotard Hand Crocheted Buncover

Polyester, hand-knit bun covers for a classic bun.

Price: $5.00
Eurotard Hair Tutu Eurotard Hair Tutu

A miniature tulle tutu to accessorize your bun.

Price: $6.00
Capezio Bun Builderâ„¢ Capezio Bun Builder™

Build perfectly neat bun

Polyester donut

Pull hair into ponytail with elastic band.

Pull ponytail through the center of the builder and slide to the base of the ponytail

Arrange hair around the builder and fasten with hair pins

1 per package

Price: $6.00
Capezio Metallic Hair Nets Capezio Metallic Hair Nets

Decorative metallic hairnet

52% Polyester, 48% Polyamide

2 per package

Price: $7.00
Eurotard Rhinestone Buncover Eurotard Rhinestone Buncover

Polyester, hand-knit bun covers with sparkling rhinestones.

Price: $7.00
Capezio Exercise Band Capezio Exercise Band

Latex resistance band

Use to strengthen specific areas of the body specific areas of the body

Good for pointe work preparation

Helps recover from injuries

The Super Heavy Weight band is great for male dancers too

Price: $8.00
Capezio Footise Roller Capezio Footise Roller

Foot massager relieves tension under the arches

Helps smooth out knots

Sold singly

Price: $8.00
Ovation Shoe Bag Ovation Shoe Bag

Oversized design makes storing shoes a snap Mesh parts allow shoes to quickly air out between uses.

Great for storing all types of shoes together to make finding that perfect pair hassle free.

Front storage pocket makes it perfect for pointe shoes – and a perfect place to store your toe pads.

Price: $8.00
Eurotard Knee Pads Eurotard Knee Pads

Ideal for dancers, cheerleaders, skaters and other sports.

Nude not available in XL

Price: $9.00
Eurotard Garment Bag Eurotard Garment Bag

This light weight garment bag protects clothing in a compact, easy to carry fabric bag.

Includes a clear ID pouch as well as the classic Eurotard logo.

Please call to order OS size (21" x 72" x 3")

Price: $13.00
Ovation Gusseted Garment Bag Ovation Gusseted Garment Bag

Clear garment bag lets you easily see what costumes you have ID pocket (4x6) makes labeling and identifying your costumes easy.

Accessory pockets allow you to store any shoes and accessories with the correct outfit, taking the guess work out of costume changes.

Store your items when not in use, knowing they will be neatly kept and wrinkle free until the next time.

3" wide gusset allows for bulkier costumes.

Gusset is made from a mesh that is color matched to the garment bag

Price: $14.00
Ovation  Gear Privacy Screens Ovation Gear Privacy Screens

Bright, colorful screens give you a sense of privacy in even the busiest of dressing areas

Easily connects to the Performance Bag rack system

Weighted bottoms means you won’t have to worry about the panel blowing around

Simply roll up and store inside your Performance Bag

Sold in set of two – put one up or both depending on your needs

Height of privacy screen from floor to top edge of screen 62"

Privacy screen fabric only measures 26" wide x 48" tall.

ATTN: These privacy screens will NOT work with any other rolling competition bag they are designed to work exclusively with Ovation Gear Performance Bags.

Price: $20.00
Ovation Gear Cosmetic Bags Ovation Gear Cosmetic Bags

Simple design with several clear storage pockets for all of your makeup and hair accessories

Hangs conveniently on the

Performance Bag rack system to give you easy access to all your supplies

Neatly folds up for easy storage when not in use

Price: $20.00
Ovation Gear Folding Mirror Ovation Gear Folding Mirror

A convenient full length mirror that travels with you.

Easily folds up and stores inside your performance bag during travel or when not in use.

Ability to hang from the end of the rack or on the rack itself.

Velcro straps keep the mirror secure closed and travel handle makes it easy to carry.

Price: $32.00

Ovation  Gear Performance Bag Ovation Gear Performance Bag

Ability to hold up to 15 costumes.

Light colored interior cavity to make seeing what you have packed inside a breeze.

Collapsible design allows for easy storage during the off season, while the included stability poles keeps the bag stable when in use.

Trolley bag design with a sturdy handle and rugged wheels for easy travel spacious interior with several storage pockets to fit all of your necessities in one place Interior hanger hooks help keep clothing upright and organized while in transit.

Steady and secure rack system sets up quickly, easily holding all your costumes for quick access Insulated pocket for that in between snack.

Black Velcro patch that can be personalized smooth rolling wheels makes traveling with your bag effortless.

Price: $220.00